VGBRA Stallion Incentive Program

Visit the Valley Girls Barrel Racing Association Stallion Incentive Program here

VGBRA — The Longest Continuous Running Stallion Incentive Program — Celebrating 28 Years!

NO STALLION ENROLLMENT FEES!! Stallion Service Auction held in January each year. 100% of auction proceeds go directly back into the Stallion Incentive Program.

30% to the Added Purse for VGBRA Barrel Daze Open Futurity ▪ 30% to the Added Purse for VGBRA SIP Futurity Sidepot and split between ownership of eligible offspring with the fastest times of each Go and Average.

20% is split between the stallion owners whose eligible get have the fastest times in each Go and the Average in the SIP sidepots.

20% is used for SIP Maturity Added Purse, Awards, Advertising and Promotions.

The 2020 VGBRA STALLION AUCTION was a BIG SUCCESS increasing almost $10,000 from 2019. VGBRA SIP colts will run at a COMBINED ADDED of $70,000 in 2020!

A Childs Dream

A Chocolate Fury

A Firewater Twist RB 

A Leinster Fling

A Smooth Guy

A Streak Of Fling

A Streak of Rooster

Absolute Vanilla

Adash Ta Fame

Adrians Jolla

Aint Seen Nothin Yet

All American Royal

All This Bug

Alone Drifter

AP Six Frosted Moons

Azure Storm Cat

Awesome Ta First

BDB Iam A Tres Knud

Bedergo Ta Heaven

Best Advice

BF Streakin Merridoc

BHR Frenchies Socks

BHR Light My Fire

Blazin Jetolena

Blue Is Rare

Bodacious Jess

Bogie Biankus

Born Ta Be Famous

Brindis Por Cayenne


BTR Stolis On Fire

Bugs Fling


Cachaca Flit

Capt America


Casino Heist

CD Rockin Da Wagon

CD Tom Lena

CFour A Darknight

CER Jess Be Nimble

Charmed N Famous

Chiquita Cat

CM Nonstop Nitro

Colonels Chic

Colonel Frenchman

Cowboy Cardoza

Cowboys Cartel

CR Rode Ta Fame


CW Fame N Fire


Dare to Be French

Dash Made Me Blaze

Dash Ta Cowboy

Dash Ta Fame

Dashin Dynamo

Dats A Frenchman

DL Flit Bar

Eddie Stinson

Epic Leader

Fabulous Golden Jet

Famed By A French Guy

Famous Charmer

Famous Dashin Doc

Fiesta Royal

Fire On Bug

Fire Sixes

Firewater Canyon

Firewater Hooch

Firewater Lane

First Down French

First Down Frenchman

First Moon Medley

First Moon Medley

Flaming Fire Water

Flinging Dinero



French Bull Biankus

French Streakin Jess

French Streaktorodeo

French Streaktovegas

Frenchmans Bully

Frenchmans Easy Doc

Frenchmans Fabulous

Frenchmans Falcon

Frenchmans Fly Boy

Frenchmans Got Perks

Frenchmans Guy

Frenchmans Quik Dash

Frenchmans Shake Em

Frenchmans Sparks

Frenchmans Stoli

Friendly Fury


Guys Canyon Moon

Guys Casanova Cowboy

Guys Easy Jet

Guys Justa Perk

Guys Keepin The Fame

Guys Piece OfThe Pie

Guys Pocket Coin

Guyz Dance For Perks

Hagans Smooth Kruzin

Hearts A Raysen

HGF This Guy Is Royal

Hell If I No

Honors A Bounding

Howelling Corona

Ima Firefighter

Ima Fly White Guy

Ima Pretty Smart Cat

Ima Special Kindaguy

Ima Super Painted Jac

Instant Income

Irish Pay

JD Look

Jet Streakin

JJ Bian Kus

JL Ready To Charm

JL Sheriff

JL Sirocco

John Fame

Judge Cash

Judge My Class

Just Fire


JS Golden Whisper

KG Azure Winnin Chex

KG Do It For Fame

KG N MC Just On Fire

Kick It In The Nic

Kings Firestarter

KM Dats Good Firewater

KN Famous Czar

LDS Unleashed

Lena Red Pep

Lions Share Of Fame

Little Lenaroo

Lone Vaquero

LT Tres Seis

Mac N Fame M


Mi Ways Hustling

Midnight Corona

MP Hot Hayday

MT Lotta Corona

MTR Burninupthenic

Mulberry Fame


Ninety Nine Goldmine

On A Gator

One Famous Man

Orions Fame

Our Dry Fling

Our Fearless Fame

Paddys Best Whiskey

PCR Pink Cadillac

Perks French Cash

PG Dry Fire

Platinum Bully

Pleasure A Perkn

Prime Talent

Racy Casanova

Reds Jet Fuel

Reminic Ta Fame

RNJ Heckofafrenchman

Roller And A Shaker

Royal Quik Frenchman

Run Bully

Sadies Borntoperform

Sawyers Game Changer

SC The Prosecuter

Shawne Bug Leo

Separate Rainbow

Shu Can Fly

Signature Perks


Six Honors

Six Moons Bully

Six Moons Guy

Slick By Design

Smoke Flash Im Gone

Sniper Biankus

Some Beaches

Sparkys Blue Road

Strait Dallas Fuel

Starlights Smartchic

Streakin Lil Wayne

Strait Firewater

Streak N Moon Em

Stylin Beau Jesse

Super Corona

Tfour Famous N Vegas


The Goodbye Lane

The Kandyman

This Fame is On Fire

This Guyz A Keeper

THR Buggin Da Famous

TK High On Biankus

TKW Runaway Fame

Tres Kings

Tres My Fame

Tresseis Royal Fame

TS Streakininthedark

TS Sunnymademefamous

TSQH Iceman

Turn Again Frenchman

Two True Rare Wizard


Vinny Van Go

Wagons West

Walk Off Homer


XC Famous Wink 37

Yellow Sonofabull